Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Katy and Daemon has been inseparable until now . . . things went downhill while breaking into Mount Weather.  Now Katy and Daemon are both suffering the greatest pain they ever encountered.

On two different side of the States, Katy thought there was no end . . . believes there were no hope. Daemon would burn down the world to find her, even if that meant turning your back on your community and the elders.

Nothing matters to Daemon . . . the only thing that matter was Katy and he was determine to find her . . . at any cost.

Area 51 does exist but Katy's fate will be far greater than she thinks, sacrifice will  be made, lives will be lost and a new species will rises.

It another bundle of kittens for this one, this was truly a perfect mixture of love and sacrifice. The love that Daemon has for Katy increased since the moment she was out of his grasp and would do anything to save and protect her.

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