Sun Poisoned (The Sunshine Series, #2) - Nikki Rae Again I have to thanks Nikki for lending out her books to me in return my honest review. Sun Poisoned is book #2 of the Sunshine series, Sophie and Myles are back! Review Sophie nnd Myles are back and living it large in New York, the band is doing great . . . Life is good. Myles still can't feel what Sophie feeling anymore but that doesn't prevent him from getting close to her and her being close to him. What do you do if someone you trust have been lying to you and for Sophie a tragic event happens that leaves her almost defeneless and in danger. Was the Michael threat over? Or is there a greater threat beyond Sophie and Myles control? I give this 4.5 cat's tails up, I really like the intensity of the climax of the story and that ending was just WHEW! and AW MAN! I have to wait until the next book.