Gone with the Wolf - Kristin Miller Emeila Hudson has a mission, her mission was to save her Knight Owl bar from going completely under and becoming brought out by Wilder Financials. Her plan? Seduce her boss . . . nah not entirely true but she did want to have a face to face talk with Mr. Wilder. But what she didn't expect was to find out that Mr. Wilder just so happen to be somebody she briefly met at HIS Halloween party. Drake Wilder is a successful business man but he is also a male werewolf alpha that hasn't found his Luminary . . . his soulmate. But that wasn't until he met Emelia Hudson, the chemistry was there, the spark was there but could she truly be his? Drake was going to find out, one way or another. Now danger lurks, if Emelia was for sure Drake's Luminary he would have to do just about everything to protect her from his twin brother Silas until Emelia can accept for what he is and what she is to him. But that plan went unfazed as Emelia get attack outside her bar and then again at the gala. The result of the attack at the gala left Drake with one decision. Emelia never imagine what she saw outside of city hall where the gala was being held, but she knew two things, one Silas was Drake's twin brother and the fact they're both werewolves. Now her world has been completely turned upside down. This book get Five Cat's Tails Up! I was blown away with the the storyline, plot, conflicts, romance, and even the concept of how this series will go. You can find more of the review on my blog: http://sassycatsbooksreview.blogspot.com/ Note: The review won't be published until May 16th - 17th as my review will be part of the Gone with the Wolf Blog Tour.