The Body Finder - Kimberly Derting Wow! Even though I didn't use the update/ progress on this book but it was because I couldnt put it down!!!Voilet can detect dead things, it like gravity that pulls her to the dead things . . . but when it's not dead animals, it's dead girls. There a serial killer that kidnapps and kill teenage girls and Voilet is able to find them because of her gift. But that not the only thing Voilet is worry about, Jay her best friend has grown and mature over the summer and he is irresistable. While Violet was at a beach party with Jay, their fun was shaken up when Vi finds a dead girl then more searches found another while girls were disappearing. Vi also has homecoming to worry about because one of her friends asked her to the dance but it wasn't Jay as she hopes. Jay refuse to talk to Violet untill a certain event happens and he comes to her rescue and he express his feelings for her. It a fast grwoing love between them but danger lurks Violet when she finds the man who killed the girls and the homecoming dance was Violet's worst nightmare, the killer was there and he was hunting her....This book is amazing awesome! I can't wait to get my hands on the second and then thrid . . . I just might read it again because it was tjat awesome. I never had a book hit me like this one I just wonder if I can survive another hit for the next two.