Demonglass - Rachel Hawkins Double Threat! I've read the first book gave it five stars and Now this book also have five stars. So what happens in this book that makes it a double threat? Well Sophie finally meets her dad in person. James (sophie dad) asks if she would like to come to England for the summer, as much her mother worries. It might be time that these two finally get some bonding after almost 17 years. Sophie's purpose is to go throuhg something called the Removal that will take her magic away because after Alice her great grandmother tries to kill her and learning that Sophie isn't a witch but a Demon no less. Sophie is afraid of herself. Archer Cross is still out on the loose and is in England where sophie going to be. While Sophie and Jenna are going to England with sophie's Cal (the gardener) is also coming but why? BAM! Cal and Sophie are bethroted, yes Sophie in a state of shock. Trouble is never far behind wherever Sophie goes and this time Archer Cross was actually helping her? Sighs these two as a forbidden love but they can't help it but Cal is not a fan of Archer/Sophie couple. In the end everything was for the war that was still going and the Casnoff women are behind it and Throne Abbey is lit up in flame. What will happen next? OH remember Elodie? Yeah she is haunting Sophie, HA