Spell Bound - Rachel Hawkins At the end of Demon Glass, the last thing Sophie saw was Thorne Abbey turning into ruins and Cal off to save her dad and hopefully Archer. What happens next is a shock for Sophie, she's attacked and is powerless because Lara Casnoff. But Elodie, the ghost that haunts Sophie because they are connected to one another by magic. So whenever Elodie takes over Sophie's body, she can do magic. Sophie is reunited with her mom, but only to find out that she is part of the Brannicks family. The story of how Sophie's parents are revealed and a little mirror man foreseen this thus warns. Then after Sophie's dad and Cal shows up at the Brannicks, Sophie is drawn back to Hex Hall where everything changes. HEx Hall was a cage, a hellhole and Lara wanted to turn the entire student body into demons. Sophie is reunited with Jenna and her sexy boyfriend Archer (yes they are established couples and did plenty of kissing) A battle turns out on the grounds of Hex Hall, yes someone does dies and when Sophie returned back to where her parents were at the moment and realizes that she had to go to the underworld to get Demon Glass which is lethal to Demons. At the end the council (what left's of them) offers her a big duty but we'll see what will come next in the Hex Hall series