Desires of the Dead - Kimberly Derting In the thrilling sequel of The Body Finder, Violet is back. No . . . wait I mean Violet and Jay are back. What happens in Desires of the Dead, Jay makes friend with the new kid Mike, and meanwhile Mike’s sister Megan has an obtrusive thing towards Violet and an obsession with her boyfriend. Violet and her friend made plans to go to Seattle for some fun but an Echo pulls Vi to the Pier Shipyard. Now Vi, can never just ignore the echo calling her but what she does next get her into a mixed of confusion and trust. Sara Priest and Rafe somehow know Violet has a gift. During the mist of confusions, lies and trust, Jay and Violet have their fight about trusting one another. Now don’t worry they made up, now it was time to go to Mike’s family cabin and there is where danger lurks and dark secrets are reveals. This was an amazing sequel to the series, now I only wonder what the next book has to come? Surly we’ll learn more about Sara and Rafe. Kimberly Derting