Switched  - Amanda Hocking Ok so ever since I’ve been born, my own mother claims that I’m not her child? I don’t like wearing shoes, eat chocolates, pick at everything and of course I learned I’m not human. What more can a girl asked for? My name is Wendy, and I am a Trylle (changeling), all my 17 years I thought maybe just maybe I was part of this family with the Everlys but my mother tried to kill me on my 6th birthday and I could never understand why. Now I do, a mysterious guy named Finn kept gazing at me. After an attempt of me getting kidnapped, Finn rescues me and told me that I had to leave . . . to return home. What I did not know was the fact I was a princess and was next in line. I’ve grown to hate my princess duties and grown to dislike my real mother who I believe does not have a kindness in her heart. What I’ve also met Rhys who lived with my real mother, Finn the tracker, whom I have fallen in love with as well he did, but being a princess has rules and boundaries as well danger. This is a great book and I highly suggested reading it.