Trinity - Lauren Dane You think you found your mate but what if you were meant to have two mates? One cat and one wolf? Renee own a small smoothie cart and has the perfect man/husband that she could ever asked for, but when Renee bumped into Jack . . . She's attracted to him. Jack found his true mate, but how does he go on explaining that to the woman that married? Galen De La Vegan and Renee are confused and concern because Renee loves Galen but she also loves Jack. It turn out Jack, Renee and Galen are all mate to one another. Renee also get attack mentally and physically by a dark magic and then come running in is Kendra her older sister and Herman Rosemary. Renee father been keeping secrets of how Renee mother really dies and some of Renee's memories are blocked. Renee struggle with both Jack and Galen families but in the end she stands tall. With two hot guys that are willing to do anything for her and lay in bed with her. What else could a woman ask for.The first book of the De La Vegas, contains strong-wiled men and a lucky woman to have them both. Witch, magic, wolves and cats.