Hades - Alexandra Adornetto Wow I never thought hell would sounds like the way Beth or even the author describes it. Jake thorn is back and he has intentions to take Beth an angel into Hell. A halloween party goes bad, Beth fears after been told that Xavier is hurts, this where comes "dont get on the back of a motorcycle if you don't know the person well" Jake tricks her onto the ride and when she realies what was happening she was too late. Hell to me is describe as Las Vegas although never been there myself setting. Jakes take her to clubs and her prison is a hotel when she resider trusting with two workers, one is a watchman and another is a maid. Beth is able to reconnect with Venus Cove althouhg can't make much physical contact but can make her presence felt. Jake Thorn has BIG plans for Beth and all she want is Out. One you get into hell you cant ever come out. Jake give beth over the time outfits for appearances in Hell. Jake learns that Beth have been connecting back to her siblings and the love of her life Xavier. Jake then tries to kill Xavier as Beth said that she'll do anything he wants . . . You should be careful what you deal because Jake said in the beginning that he "wants to make love" with her and that he exactly what he asks but thankfull the calivary came. The ending? Came a proposal and earth shaking . . . what happens? we won't know until Heaven.