The Pull of the Moon - Darlene Graham (There are spoliers) Well I discover this book through my mom's romance pile of books (we have loads if anyone interested)I was curious about this book, so I went ahead and decided to read it. The story deals with Dr. Danni Goodlove, an Obstetrician who is about to get a whirlwind of her life. From a childhood past, Danni knew what she wanted to do and she made herself successful out of it . . . but something was missing. That empty gap in her heart and she realizes that at age 33 almost 34, she hasn’t found LOVE. During a full moon, Danni has to aide an injured fireman named Matt (Matthew) Creed, although he was given a sedative. He found Danni attractive and after Danni started her diet, some men are finding her attractive. With her quest for finding love, she goes on a horribly blind dates then ends up calling Matt Creed on a date. After Matt had asked her if she was seeing anybody, married? These two couples hit it off, but they are complete opposite but it’s true on what they say about love . . . Opposite do attract. During a picnic with friends Matt found that Danni was concealing herself from everyone and lashes out on her. Then Matt felt bad and went to apologize to her only to be interrupted by Dr. Bryant saying “Heading to the Caribbean together” but Matt didn’t realizes that it was for a medical seminar so he becomes instantly jealous and walks away. Danni found that going to the Caribbean will give her some time alone and to think about stuff but Bryant insist on taking her out for dinner while they’re there. Then shockingly Matt shows up and the fire is relit between him and Danni. What happens in the Caribbean lead to Danni’s wildest dream, Marriage and Love. But when it times to head back to Tulsa, Danni somehow came to her senses and decide that she doesn’t want this fire anymore. But what the Caribbean and the Full Moon lead to was Danni becoming pregnant which happen to be her biggest fears. Matt didn’t know about the baby until after the holidays and confronted Danni. Then once again Bryant is a creeper, and tries to hit on Danni again in the doctor lounge, but Matt came to Danni’s rescue and then later he had to rescue her again in her burning house. That when Danni realizes just how stupid she’s been and somehow knew deep inside that she wanted Matt in her life and in their unborn child’s life. The ending was bittersweet, Danni and Matt had an official Christian wedding, that just barely hid Danni’s bump but by the she was proud of being pregnant. The extra ending doesn’t say how many months later of when Danni’s is in Labor and deliveries a baby girl on a Full Moon. This book you kind of get the two POV’s aspect but mainly it was about Danni and the Full Moon craziness.