Raised by Wolves - Jennifer Lynn Barnes A book that finally has werewolves, well there are humans but it a world of a pack that has a human girl living with them. Bryn is a human girl that was saved by Callum the alpha of ark valley, after her parents were killed by a Rabid wolf . . . who still roams. But Bryn's life been focus on ALi, her "mother" that is currently pregnant and has been able to survive the pregnancy. Every wolf is on edge, waiting for the birth of the next child which actally has a surprise to it. Now another human was attacked, but he was not only just attacked. . . he was bitten. Now Bryn is even more curious and discovered that they had something in common, the Rabid wolf. With a permission and a few request for Bryn to speak to Chase again, she must give in to the bond of the pack. But when Bryn and Chase cross the line of the boundaries, Bryn is punish and Ali decided that it was time to leave Ark Vally with Bryn and the children. At the new home, Lake one of Bryn close friend help her with Bryn hunting down the Rabid with the help of Deven and Chase. But what the gang learn was the Rabid wolf has CHANGED children into wolves like Chase. In the end Bryn somehow created her own pack and the new her as Alpha in a sense.