Before I Wake - Rachel Vincent Go Kaylee! Go Kaylee! It’s your Birthday! It’s your Birthday! Whoo!Ok seriously this has been the best of the best of all Soul Screamer series, Praise to Rachel! What happens to your life after you died? You become an extractor . . . similar to being a reaper but with more abilities and works in the Reclamation department.This includes a few things, you live for eternity, you don’t age, and you can make yourself see or unseen and heard. But the best part of all is spending your afterlife with the hottest Reaper boyfriend in town Tod Hudson.(You should have read IF I DIE if you didn’t know this part)Kaylee struggles with fitting back into the world after she was killed by an incubus teacher seeking a purity soul. Nash Hudson her now ex-boyfriend refuses all contact with his brother and hates Kaylee for framing him. Sabine on the other hand is trying to cut off the Kaylee addiction from Nash but he can't help it . . . he still refuses to let her go. But we also loses a character in this series, it's one you'll never expect. The sixth book of this series brings back a few people from Kaylee’s past, and enemies. So many changes happen while Kaylee was recovering from death, like for example Emma’s new boyfriend, Sophie’s boyfriend who by the way is a necromancer, and somehow Harmony and Brendon? The Kaylee and Tod romance are to die for, making you wish that Tod Hudson was real! Kaylee’s dad struggles with the fast pace relationship between Tod and his daughter, but hey what father wouldn’t worries? Before I WakeRachel Vincent