Dark Eden - Patrick Carman, Patrick  Arrasmith “For years I’d kept an audio diary of my own that dated all the way back to 2005. I was just a nine-year-old kid when I started, back when I loved to hear my own voice.” Will Besting This book was a different type of genre book read for me and I had to give myself a few days to wrap my head around the concept. Plus a few reference read. Overall I did like it but I was confused half the time . . .What I understand was this . . . each character of the book has an acute fear of something, a fear that they can’t face. What’s my acute fear? I’m not sure . . . I have very small fear of things like drowning because I can’t swim. In the book there are seven character Will talks about including himself, when Dr. Stevens said that there six others with similar case like his. So when his parents said he was going to this camp to get better, he refused and refused until himself was at that camp with six other people whom he never met, but knew their cases from Dr. Steven audio files. Fort Eden is no happy campground, but it used to be a former bomb shelter and Will has a sense that there are dark secrets that lies in Fort Eden. Turns out he was right, and the only people he could trust was Marissa beside his family. Will knew all of the people’s fear . . . Ben Dugan – Acute fear of Bugs, Spiders, CentipedesKate Hollander – Acute fear of Doctors, Clinics, HospitalsAlex Hersch – Acute fear of DogsConnor Bloom – Acute fear of FallingMarisa Sorrento – Acute fear of Being KidnappedAvery Varone – Acute fear of Death Will Besting (himself) – Peers, Groups, CrowdsSo Will stayed hidden in the Bunker Basement for as long he can before Rainsford learn about his whereabouts and was rid of his fear in a moment time when Will realize he been found. So what happens when you get your fear remove? You get a few side effects from each fear taken. Will – hearing lossKate – headachesConnor – dizzy spellsAlex – feet falls asleepBen – joint painMarisa – Sleep a lot Avery – white hair Mrs. Goring had a secret that she decide to share in Will’s recorder, she explain what Rainsford is and she explains that Rainsford need seven subjects to keep young and there’s even more of a shock twist to that process.