This is Not a Test - Courtney Summers Six teens have barricaded themselves inside their school while the world outside is full of grey, slumping, groaning and moaning, hungry zombies. This is my very first read of a Zombie theme book and I made myself a note to never read these type of books so late at night. Why? Because I had a moment of mistakenly fireworks at 1 o clock in the morning to thudding as describe in the book. Overall the book was good, but I wish there was a few more action sequences because these teen were ready for anything to be thrown at them. The narrative character Sloane has a lot of doubt about her and is not in her right mind since her sister lily left without her. Two teenage boys argue over an incident that should have been prevented, they rather claw each other out rather than stand by each other to fight what is outside of the school. Rhys is a character that Sloane has a slight love interest but they don’t go that far especially when Rhys learned that Sloane was attempting to kill herself. Grace was everyone’s condolence when someone felt sad, or was crying such as Harrison and her brother Trace. Cary played the tough guy role, which was fine but he has his own secrets that he kind of spills when he was drunk. Sloane and Rhys are the only ones that know. Someone have broken in the barricade and it was a teacher who claim he wasn’t infected before Trace and Rhys threw him back outside but Sloane learns where the broken barricade was and things went awry from there on.