Torn  - Amanda Hocking Amazing twist, Wendy and Rhys runs away to her host home a.k.a Matt and Rhys are biological brothers. Finn and a new tracker name Duncan come to take Wendy back but she refused thus getting herself kidnapped. Next Wendy learns a little more about her family (this is a twister). Next Wendy is set free by Loki who seem to have an attraction to her. While Wendy is safe at the kingdom where her mother is, her training is set in motion with Tove helping her out. But when Loki steps into the kindgom of Forening and doesnt really have a purpose there except making the princess flustered. Here the next twist, Tove and Wendy's mother arranged the two to be married. Elora, Wendy's mother explain the past. Two kisses by two different guys . . . Wendy's mixed feelings. Wendy's realization that she has to become queen . . .Soon. Matt and Willa . . .Rhys and Rhiannon. There are interesting couplesWhat's next for Ascend? I really have no idea but I look forward to reading it!