Bridger  - Megan Curd If you think you read everything on supernatural creatures then you haven't heard the irish folklore. Ashlyn believed her life was noraml until tragic brew over her family and strange occurness that even had her grandmother "Memaw" grows in concern. The book takes the journey of Ashlyn's hertiage back in Ireland, but Ashlyn gotten a little bit more than learning about her hertiage and that the irish folklord tales are true. Along the way Ashlyn meet Liam in Ireland, he took the job as her protector and boyfriend. While Reese who been Ashlyn's friend for many years spent years trying to woo her. Memaw's past lead to why Ashlyn is targeted . . . Ankou who spent years creating exaclty what Ashlyn is but with failure. Megan's book blew me away with the concept of the book, I've always had difficult times finding books that are different (one that doesn't involve Witches, Demons,Vampires(sry Edward), or even Werewolves(sry Jacob))