My Soul to Steal - Rachel Vincent Kaylee's world has just got more complicated . . . Yes complicated.While Nash is struggling to deal with his addicition, a piece of Nash's past before East Lake has come. Sabine Campbell is Nash's old girlfreind and why she here at East Lake is for one thing only .. .Nash. While Kaylee trys to deal with Sabine, she also know tat she is not normal, human and it makes her uncomfortable. Alec is someone that Kaylee saved from avari but he been acting strange since he enter the human world. Kaylee gets horrid nightmares, Tod seems to be willing to help Kaylee whenever she needs it. Kaylee and Nash are still on the rocks but are trying to work things out even with Sabine threats. Meanwhile Avari has something up his sleeves and the East lake high students are losing their minds. In the end Kaylee was able save Sabine, Emma and Alec with Nash and Tod help.