My Soul to Take - Rachel Vincent This book amazed me bt far, after rereading it again.Kaylee just thought she was normal . . . Wrong when someone's going to die, she knows her unwielding need to scream is what it take to sing for a soul. Kaylee has her mist "panic attack" at the club Taboo and the hottest guy and most popular Nash Hudson was also there . . . But why? Of course you'll have to read to find out the "WHY" part. Kaylee learns what she is and what she does as a bean sidhe, Of course telling her aunt and uncle is no walk in the park but she secretely overheards a HUGE secret that only her father can tell. Young teenage girls are falling dead without warning, and getting mix into Reaper's business is a dangerous thing but "What If" those girls weren't meant to die? I love any books by Rachel, as her Soul Screamers was the first books I've read before getting into her other series about 2 years ago. My Soul to Take Rachel Vincent