If I Die - Rachel Vincent Oh My God! I have to say out of all the soul screamers books, this one by far is the best in the series. It will be curious to know what will happen in the next installment of Soul Screamers: Before I Wake. Kaylee's time is up, there a incubus in heat seeking a child. Kaylee want every last moment to be important except she focusing on the fact that people are suffering miscarriages, coma and death. Kaylee's love life have gotten more complex when she starts spending more time with Tod than Nash and Nash feel unwanted by her. Sabine wants Nash back in anyway possible. This book is a roller costar that just had spun out of control! Kaylee dealing with the fact she going to die and everyone around her want to stop it! It a nice gesture guys but she already living on borrowed time. The ending is so different from all the other books and it give the book a form of adulthood in a way and more mature which mean its more above rated pg-13. I would read this book pronto! but be sure to have read the others first, it simpler to do so. If I DieRachel Vincent