With All My Soul - Rachel Vincent REVIEWWith All My Soul is stunning conclusion of Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamers series, duly noted that this is her longest series consisting of three novellas “My Soul to Lose”, “Reaper” and “Never To Sleep” along with two anthologies, “Fearless” and “Niederwald” Plus a short story found in Before I Wake “A Day With Tod In the Afterlife”. I believe that I’ve been with this series since my late teens and during my early adult years. I’ve watch Kaylee Cavanaugh go through so many ups and downs as a teen but also as a bean sidhe “Banshee”. When its time for someone to die, Kaylee will be the only screaming for their souls but now? What’s next for Kaylee and the gang?After suffering a terrible loss of a friend and a freaky body neck snap, someone coming back from the dead but not in their own body. But now it’s WAR and PERSONAL, Kaylee will do anything to make sure her family and friends are safe . . . AT ANY COST. Now you remember Avari, the Hellion of Greed . . . he is out for Kaylee’s soul no matter what, so what does he do? Steal the one person that is important to her. But what can she do? What will she do? Trying to figure out a solution wasn’t coming as quick as she hoped until the Hellion of Wrath comes along. This Hellion of Wrath, IRA just might be the key to taking down Avari but not without a price . . . a hefty price. The gang gets together to figure out how to rescue one of their own but the risks have become greater and higher when your enemy is one step ahead of you. Kaylee makes some huge sacrifice in this final book, and sometimes it just might have to end up making a deal with a Hellion. Yes a deal with a Hellion, will it be worth the deal and sacrifice for Kaylee or will it end in turmoil? RambleI love everything about this book! from the first page to the last . . . I mean how could I not? After being a huge reader of this series, I spent my late teens to early adult years with this series and its characters. Rachel truly went above and beyond with ending WAMS, it was action-packed, love-worthy, and truly some heartbreaking moments. If being a writer means putting your character through HELL then so be it! As long good overcoems evil. Now it's time to say goodbye, but hey I can still go back and re-read this series all over again :)A LOT HAPPENS in the book, more than I think readers could handle! Think about it with Emma's dramatic body change, Nash and Sabine officially a couple, Brendon and Harmony (Say what?), Tod and Kaylee's Afterlife, and of course you can't just have those without a little bit . . . no a lot of Hellions around. So what's really happens? Read Before I Wake to find out or if you haven't read the series GO START! In short summary, WAMS deals with Kaylee making the ultimate sacrifice for the one she loves, for everybody she loves. But not with out making some deals with a few people and making BIG promises.