The Host   - Stephenie Meyer REVIEWThe human race is now nearly extinct, the aliens or "souls" have taking over our body and mind. But there are still few that fight back. Melanie Stryder's mind and body has been taken over by a "Soul" named Wanderer and Melanie becomes a soul. However Melanie fights back, her will still hold on as well conceal her thoughts and any information about where the human resistance lies. But Wanderer is overwhelmed by Melanie's memories and emotions. Now Wanderer is on search for the human resistance, more importantly follow Melanie's memories and her emotions. Now in the middle of the desert, Wanderer is lost but soon to be found by Uncle Jeb. Although one look at Melanie's eyes, Uncle Jeb and others of the human resistance knows that she isn't Melanie. Now Melanie/Wanderer are now in the resistance hideout, not that the resistance are happy that she still lives but with Jared being irrational and Ian being the mediator, things are not as they seem. Wanda/Melanie begins to work together with the resistance and Wanda becomes the most unusual soul the resistance has met. A new romance blooms while Melanie struggles to cease to exist in her own body and struggle to see Jared torturing himself thinking she’s no longer there. A new outlook come where Wanda said that there is a way to bring back Melanie and possibly others if they survive the initiation of a soul being place in them. Something good will come from Melanie/Wanda return. To see the full review that includes my ramble, team Jared/Ian, favorite quotes . . . Go to