Oath Bound - Rachel Vincent The final book of Rachel's Unbound Trilogy, where even the deepest darkest secrets comes out. I praise Rachel for her amazing writing and creativity, when Blood Bound first came out I was in love with the idea . . . Skilled people and Syndicate leaders. A childhood bond that changes everything for Olivia, Kori, Anne and Noelle as they come to adulthood and face the real world. The story doesn't end there, Shadow Bound(Unbound #2) after Kori's involvement with Ruben Cavazos breaking into Jake Tower's home, she faces the worst. But will do anything to protect her sister Kenley. Jake Tower's Syndicate will fall . . . Oath Bound (Unbound #3) Now a young women's hunt for a family murder may put an end to the Tower Syndicate.ReviewSera suffered an terrible fate that left her scarred and alone, her desired to hire a hit man from Tower Syndicate is another thing. The Tower family owned her, but Tower owns nothing not even to those that are their flesh and blood. All Kris ever want is to protect the ones he loves, but there is one he wished he could have saved that will always lingers in his heart and may even prevents him from finding love again. From a journal he kept but impossible to decipher what the words means. When Kenley is kidnapped, Kris breaks into the Tower's mansion but then steals the girl in the yellow scarf . . . Sera. Sera doesn't trust no one and she shouldn't but when she has secrets of her own, soon Kris and the rest of the group must know who she really is and it comes to a realization that Sera is more than she says she is. The is deserves above and beyond Purrfest , it is really the best way to end a trilogy where all the answers are answered and of course two people that butt-head but are so drawn to each other while they don't admit it.