The World Is Your Litter Box: Deluxe Edition: A How-To Manual for Cats - Steve Fisher Ok so I didn't really write an review, instead I went a different route. I decided because it was a manual for cats I wanted my own cat Buddy to participate. So I did a Buddy and I Blogger talk I should say. So here's a preview of the talk, you'll have to go to my blog to read the rest . . . Me: I found TWIYLB very funny, and some of the helpful tips and hints for Cats gives me flashbacks of what Buddy would doBuddy: Like What? Me: Can you let me finish? (Buddy scowls at me) Anyways, I never read a book that was a manual for cats! I mean I've heard of manual or Dummy books of how to raise/take care of a cat. Buddy: HA! Yeah Right, what do humans know about cats besides our breed types? Buddy huffedTo read for more head on over to SassyCat's Books Review! Thanks Steve and Quasi for giving me their book to review, I found it very funny and humorous trust me when I say those two things because I am one of those people that don't get humor stuff.