Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout My first Alien book! Sure it's not the little green men that I hear of from the x-files but green eyes are known to be daring. Don't believe me? look at the Obsidian cover more closely then you tell me otherwise. Review Moving in a small town in West Virgina was not what Katy had in mind, she imagined herself still at the beach soaking up the Florida sun. But it was time for a change her mom said, it was time to move on from the past. Katy's goal was to introduce herself to the next door neighbor where two teens her age live in but what she got was daring green eyes staring right back her . . . His name is Dameon Black. Daemon does just about anything to annoyed Katy but when his sister Dee get too close in making friends with Katy he want to break up this friendship before it even happens. Why? Daemon and Dee has a secret . . . They're not from Earth or any of the surrounding planets and when Katy seems to be drawn to Dee and even Dameon (some times) that raises some concerns, how close is too close? This is Purr Fest! I love it so much that I choose to read Onyx next, now I am focused on reading Onyx and I have no idea what's coming. Check out for more on what I thought about the book on my blog SassyCat's Books Review