Sunshine (Sunshine, #1) - Nikki Rae So just yesterday I had another author request to review his/her book, and last night I finished her book. Book Number One just to clarify, she had asked me to review her second book that had recently just come out but I needed book one before I could read number two. I just might start number two later tonight.ReviewSophie Jean lives her life in the dark, not by dark memories of her past but she can only really be in the dark. Having a freakish allergy to any type of sunshine makes life almost tough for Sophie, at home and at school. Then Myles Lott comes.Myles Lott isn't your typically guy teenager, he's much more and that just makes him even more drawn to Sophie. He knows Sophie like to hide but he wants to help her in any way possible. Opening old wounds and facing old memories is something Sophie would avoid at all costs, but for Myles he see how much pain she in and how she live her life in fear.Can Myles save Sophie from herself and can he protect her from his world that he may have just brought Sophie into?When an very old vampire wants to make sure that Sophie doesn't get too involved with Myles or his world, he'll do just about anything to take Sophie out of the picture. I give this 5 Cat Tails, I really love the book and was even more drawn to the storyline for Sophie and how Myles is truly someone that makes her happy, her other half as some would call it. I would recommend this book to all new readers of NA only because this doesn't have that mature content like some are. So thanks Nikki for lending me out your book, and I can't wait to read book two! Don't forget to check out blog for more on my thought of this book,