Soul Screamers Volume Three (Soul Screamers #5, 5.5, 6) - Rachel Vincent This is only for Never To Sleep NovellaReviewSophie never paid attention to what her cousin Kaylee do, she believes that she is in a higher social ladder than her. People get them confused with being sisters rather than cousins because of their last name. All Sophie wants is to live in her world, soon she learns that there is more to her world than she thinks . . . running into a new guy, she doesn't think anything but just how good looking he is but then things starts to happen. Luca Tedesco will change Sophie's world forever especially when the two of them end up in the Netherworld at school where Netherworld's worst nightmares lingers. Can Luca and Sophie survive the Netherworld? I give this a 5 cat's Tails up, I'm really glad that Rachel decided to do this novella in Sophie's POV, I feel now I understands Sophie's a little bit better even if it took five books to get there :-)Click on the link to find out more about what I said about Never To Sleep