Omens - Kelley Armstrong ReviewWhat do you do when you find out you're not who you thought you were, but instead finding out that you are from another family with a dark past. Olivia's life was as perfect as it can be, she had the finances, the guy and the family name but her world is turned upsides down when a dark secret is revealed . . . Olivia isn't Olivia. So who is she? How can she handle being labeled as a Serial Killers offspring? Having to disappear off the radar seems like a good idea until realisation struck, Olivia was on her own . . . In order to find out who she really is traveling to a small town outside of Chicago. Soon the small population of Cainsville just might help her, figure out the mystery. This is really beyond a five Cat Tails up, this is more a bundle of kittens just waiting to gain your attention. I've never read anything by Kelley but truthfully sometimes waiting always makes it worth the read and enjoyment. This Mystery/Suspense has you believing in the superstition/unsuperstition and will Olivia be able to figure out who's she really is?Check out what more I had to say about Omens along with a book trailer