Disconnect: Divided Worlds Trilogy: Book One: 1

Disconnect - Imran Siddiq ReviewZachary Conner goes days by days, scavenge whatever he can find until one thing he finds that seems out of place for an Underworlder. A blip of a screen show a partial of a young female, but what Zachary doesn't know is that he is one step closer to finding who this person is. Rosa kade a young otherworld teenager, whoses life might not be all as it seems. So when Rosa and Zachary meets, there mutual feeling however there's a deep dark secret that could change everything what people knew and understood about their worlds. I'm giving this 3 cat tails up, the concept was very straight forward that things were almost preciable however there were things that confused me but maybe reading it again I'll have a better understanding. I was part of the book tour for the upcoming of Disrupt book 3 of the divided world. There is also an excerpt on my blogStop at SassyCat's Books Review for more