Lush (Delicious Novel Series #2)

Lush - Lauren Dane ReviewThis sugar and spice book was one of my favorite book to read, how can you not like an concept where there's an ordinary woman and a rock star guy that are drawn to each other. Mary met Damien through a friend's party and one look, one conversation drew these two together. But it wasn't the party that drew Damien to Mary, it was her delicious cooking skills and her passion for food. Damien and his brothers are in a band so good homemade food are hard to come by unless they're back home. But this was suppose to be a one time fling right? But both Mary and Damien just can't deny the chemistry between them and agreed to have a casual thing. Yeah nothing is causal about Damien, he's in the spotlight most of the time and is photographed with dozen of women that will do just about anything for his attention. How does Mary handle that? She keeps reminding herself that it normal and expected but what's a girl going to do when she soon admits that she is falling in love with a Rock Star? Damien has to prove Mary in many ways and surprises her in many ways to show his devotion to Mary but that could all change when the world know about Mary and reporters are making up stories that seem to real to deny. Will Mary and Damien's love survive this spotlight or will it faltered. RambleI've been a fan of Lauren Dane's de La Vegas Cats and I was hoping to buy more of her other books but I haven't gotten that far. But thankfully NetGallery was providing her "Delicious" series number 3 although I am guilty that I haven't read one or two yet. But a little indulgence doesn't hurt anybody and this one was a sweet and intimidating. Mary has her life in order and is career-driven with her catering and supper club but when Damien a rock star appears during an mutual party . . . staying in the kitchen show you can handle the heat. Damien's love life was always in the spotlight and can be complicated. I like that Damien wanted a normal relationship even if it was a causal thing but I believe both Mary and Damien wanted more. They had common interest, they could talk comfortably and they both enjoyed company (if you know what I mean) They had a near perfect relationship until one photo turn Mary and Damien world into a downhill spiral. I really hope that their relationship would come back together and it did thankfully. I was also glad that it was Damien that made the move to fix the relationship when Mary did all she could to try to close herself away from Damien. In the end the two were able to work things out and Damien found his dream girl. Mary was finally happy with her life, her career and her relationship with Damien that ended with a proposal.