Don't Turn Around

Don't Turn Around - What would you do if you woke up on a operating table? Freak out (YES) but what happen if theres people after you? (RUN/HIDE) That is exactly what happen to Noa Torson. Scared and afraid Noa is, but everything about her is different . . . she know something happened but what? And why?Peter Gregory, just an aerage kid but also a good hacker. He was a part of a group called //Alliance//. But then one night his house was raided but strange people that took his own laptop and was given a warning. Now Noa and Peter cross path and they were both in danger, one was hunting her because she escape from wherever she was. Peter has reasons to be kept watch because of his parents relation with the very people that stole his laptop in the beginng. Noa make a connection with someone named Zeke who know things, things that are the reasons why the very people want Noa. she a cure to a virus that took dozens even Peter's own brother. But what will happen next? Where does the //ALLIANCE// stands.