Partials - Well I actually really liked this book, it was a different taste of reading for me because of the storyline. Kira the female hero trying to find a cure for RM, RM is a virus that had killed humans to its last thousands. Babies only survive a few days after birth and one out of 1000 babies survived. So you can see that humanity been struggling. The pregnancy age been continunously dropped to 16 years old and Kira is that age. While she doesnt opposed to having children she want to have children that will live. Marcus her boyfriend already talked about marriage and childrens so when the time was right Kira would move forward. But after a research discovery that it came to thought that Kira needed a Partial to be tested on to see why they're immune and how the virus was first created. Another threat called the Voices are also a question. Kira and her team manage to capture a Partial whose name is Samm and he and Kira began an very odd relationship, where Kira thought she could start to trust and learn more about Partials. Samm have saved her on multiple counts but also betrayed her when she lease expected it. Kira was able to find a cure but also learning something about herself that she didn't know and saving her best friend baby.