School Spirits (School Spirits, #1)

School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins First off I am a huge huge fan of Rachel Hawkins's Hex Hall series and I'm glad that she continues this world. Now there are new people that we get to meet but in other words we meet people we met in Hex Hall, more importantly Sophie's mom side of the family. ReviewAt first impression the Brannick family is one hard core monster hunters family but they really do have a weakness for family. Izzy Brannick and her sister Finley were on a monster hunt, but somehow that hunt gone wrong and Finley disappeared. Now the goal is to find Finley but it was not going to be an easy task, but Izzy's mom decides that going to small town Ideal, Mississippi to deal with a ghost might help pass the time while she search far and wide for Finley. Izzy isn't your typical girl, she doesn't have friends, she doesn't shop or think about boys . . . she much rather fight whatever is thrown her way. But Izzy's cover is to blend in with the Mary Evans High Students and also learn more about this "Ghost Haunting". While attending Mary Evans High, Izzy meet a small group of teens that hunts the supernatural, Izzy must do all that she can to protect her newfound friends and help the ghost of Mary Evans High passed. Izzy also meets a boy named Dex but from the moment they touched, she sense some sort of magic humming through him although she can't pinpoint it.But soon Izzy has to do her job and make sure that the gang doesn’t go do some magic when they know nothing about the consequences. I give this a Four Cat's Tails Review, I like that it is a spin off of this world Rachel created now it just the matter of time to read more of what Izzy Brannick will be doing since the first book is just based on one mission. The complete review will be available on my blog on May 14th, 2013. So be sure to check it out!