Kitty Takes a Holiday (Kitty Norville, Book 3)

Kitty Takes a Holiday - Carrie Vaughn Kitty takes a Holiday, and it wasn't what she's hoped for . . .First it Kitty dealing with writer's block for her first book which is on a deadline by the way, she been being wolf on and off during her resort location. But when someone or something been leaving dead animals on her doorsteps, it made Kitty feel a little uneased. But then Ben O'Farrell get bitten, now remember Ben is Kitty's lawyer from the last book but also a very good friend of Cormac as well. Red Eyes Cormac said, it was red eyes and it sounded human . . . While Kitty maim to Ben's injuries and transitions, there is awkwardness between Cormac and Kitty. Kitty doesn't know if Cormac wants something to happen between the two or is he just pulling her legs? After Ben recovery, things grow between Kitty and Ben and leaving Cormac frustrated and feeling like the thrid wheel. While in the midst of finding who is leaving all these dead animals and now barbwire crosses around the cabin. Cormac up and left one morning, it just so happen that Kitty and Ben were sleeping in the same be when he did, the passion and the fire grew between Ben and Kitty and eventually got together as a two-man packs. Soon Cormac, Kitty, Ben learned of skinwalkers and during that process Cormac get arrested. Now it's up to Kitty and Ben to clear Cormac's name and hopefully get down to where these skinwalkers came from.