Crusade (Crusade Trilogy (Quality))

Crusade  - Nancy Holder, Debbie ViguiƩ This is a whole new level of vampires, werewolves and other mythical creatures combine. Now at first I wasn't going to read this because there were vampires in it but I'm glad I started reading it. Jenn and a few selected people were choosen to be the "Team" the team that hunt down vampires and trying to save the humans. One ally that the team has is Antonio who just happen to be a vampire fighting on the side of god. When Jenn's grandfather pass away she headed back home after so many years, the visit home wasn't a warm welcome. Her father turn her in to the vampires in return of soemting but what happen instread is that Jenn's sister Heather was with her and ends getting herself kidnnaped. In effort to save her sister before the end of Mardis gras, the vampire leader Aurora did what she said she'll do . . . Kill.Antonio has a hatred toward his sire that change him but the other thing about Antonio is the connection he feels for Jenn. He want to protect her, comfort her and be everything for her except for when he close to her he wants to be change and i think to taste her. Father Juan help him maintain the control of the vampire and Antonio thinks in a giving chance he would find his sire and kill him.Skye is a witch with a dark lover past, Estefan her "suppoed" love wanted her and nothing but her as a vampire, but with Skye's being a witch she knew she has to made every attempt to not give in. I highly recommend this book because it a fight for the end and to save the human race.