Cake - Lauren Dane So first off Cake is a really interesting title, I thought as it being a very sweet and tasty read and it was! Cake also had artistic aspects into the story where the characters both are very passionate about their art. I request Cake from Netgallery, I do not own it/paid for it. My review of Cake . . . ReviewWren has always been Gregori's messenger but Wren also has love Gregori's art work that he put hours into but soon Gregori and Wren will finally get that long last taste they both desires. Gregori had dealt with ups and downs during his life and he rather be hard at work than anything else. But can he deny the sweetness of Wren?A kiss sweet as cake drives both Wren and Gregori to want more . . . But can both Wren and Gregori have cake and eat it too? I give this a four and a half Cat Tails Up, Lauren Dane really created a sweet and passionate novella of two that just need to have their cake and eat it too. Check out my blog SassyCat's Books Review for what else I had to say