The Last Echo (Body Finder Series #3)

The Last Echo - Kimberly Derting Well this book was different from the last two, where it surrounds Violet and just Jay her extremely sweet boyfriend. From the ending of the last book, Violet joined an special team, people with abilities, not abilities like hers but they each have their own part in the team. Rafe, who we met in the last book and he was very moody and silent in suffer type. Now he taken an interest in Violet, Jay sees it but Violet was clueless until one accident happen causing Rafe to have mino injuries. Violet also know that the rest of the team keeps secrets from her because she's the new girl but it better for her to know these secrets. Meanwhile a killer called the collector, kidnapped girls keeps them for a few days and then they end up dead. Their dead self is proper clean with fresh painted nails of one particular color Lilacs. But when Violet becomes a victim not only once but twice. The collector name is revealed Caine, and he is sought out Violet. In the end Violet has to rescue herself from the danger and in result she is left with the imprint she sense on killers.