Rift (Nightshade Series)

Rift: A Nightshade Novel - Andrea Cremer Before Nightshade, there’s was Ember Marrow and her world set in the medieval times Scotland. I had wonder what the past would bring us to understand more about the history describes in Calla’s world that she fought to get rid of keeper’s magic. Now we will learn of the keeper’s magic and how it all began. Ember Marrow was pledged to the knights of Conatus shortly after birth, a healer trained by Conatus offered Salvation in order to save her mother and the unborn child Ember. When Ember shortly reach the age of 16, knights of Conatus will surface and take Ember to trained under the Knights of Conatus. An old friend Alastair comes along with the horsemen that are to retrieved Ember, he always seems to have a flirtation with her although she imagine him being a suitable husband as her father would approve but she rather fight than be in love. Ember is soon taken to Tearmunn and a trial awaits her, she must choose one office that heeds her true calling. A mischief Alastair try to somehow interfere with her path as a knight name Barrow Hess, led her way to finish the remaining of the task. Barrow is also her mentor at Tearmunn although the beginning between the two rendered awkwardness, and I knew as a reader that something would spark between the two. Now we talk about the “weird sisters” Eira and Cian, both members of Conatus but to Eira something lingers in her soul that leads her to a path of darkness. An darkness covers villages and people vanishing in the darkness, it’s up to knights of Conatus to figure out what this magic is and how to stop it from getting stronger. After a revelation, time stand still and how the book ended left at Barrow and Ember heading their way out of Tearmunn on their horses awaits the time to come of a war.