Dark Kiss (Nightwatchers Series #1)

Dark Kiss - Michelle Rowen Sure I'm just an ordinary kind of girl, until I got KISSED. Then everything changed, I became hungrier and boys had their eyes on me, I kept thinking "why are they staring at me?" but that not all. I get usual dreams of a boy with blue eyes that I almost wishes it were real until I meet the boy of my dreams. Confused and daze, he was but when I touch him his mind became more clear and remember what his mission was on earth. Bishop was an angel. However Samantha did meet a few demons here and there along with other angels in Trinity, but Sam return back to the scene of where her first kiss by a guy she always had a crush on and learned that she is something else . . . A gray. “What are Grays?”Grays are people without souls, an in-between of angels and demons who were once humans with souls. Sam begins to learn secrets about herself like being adopted and the “source” of the creation of Grays is related to her. Will she ever meet her father? That not the only thing on Sam's mind, she fallen for Bishop as well himself but her kiss can make him soulless so in the end Bishop and Sam will have to figure out how to save Trinity and figure out how to stop Grays from growing and finding her soul thus saving it.