False Sight (False Novel)

False Sight (False Novel, A) - Dan Krokos Will anything make sense? Miranda, Peter, Noah, Rhys and Sequel are trying to learn what the creators created them for. But when Sequel starts acting strange and display different personalities, are Miranda, Peter, Noah and Rhys safe? Miranda follows memories and her guts while the rest of the team hopes to find Sequel and demand answers to her actions, but soon they are lead to a black hole and to a whole other part of the world where things were becoming quite clear about the Roses purposes. Soon Miranda can't deny what Sequel intentions are, but will she be able to stop Sequel? Will she be able to save the world?I give this four cat's Tails up, there a lot of interesting things that happen in this book but also things are still unexplainedCheck out my Double review of both False Memory and False Sight on my SassyCat's Books Review Blog, along with rambling on both books.