Dare You To

Dare You To - Katie McGarry Katie gives a thrilling new kind of love, where opposite truly does attract. After writing about Noah and Echo's love story, it was time for Beth and a new guy Ryan to find love and trust. At first I wish there was more of Noah and Echo but I'm sure she'll bring them back eventually, what goes around comes around. So without futherado I will let you read the review and my rambling thoughts of the book. ReviewIt all started with a DARE, Ryan Stone a jock need to get a girl's number but when he meet Beth "Skater Girl" you can imagine she her words were anything less than the "F" word. When Beth's world goes upside down she is forced to live with her uncle and in her old town. Ryan's world seems perfect except for one little thing that might destroy his father's reputation. Beth and Ryan are each other's opposite but soon neither of them can avoid the fact that there is chemistry between them. But can Beth let go of her life that she finds nothing but heartaches and pain? Or will she embrace a new start, a start that could be with the deep-soul hunky jock Ryan? This next book brings a new kind of story one where opposite do attracts. Don't forget to check out the full review on my blog: http://sassycatsbooksreview.blogspot.com/