City of Lost Souls (Mortal Instruments)

City of Lost Souls - Cassandra Clare Grrrr, it took me a whole month to read this book. But the TMI books are always super long and time-consuming. But I got it finished and now for the review.So we all remember what happen in the end of TMI: Fallen Angels, the blood bond between Jace and Sebastian. Jace feels that he lost control of himself (which he did) Now what's happen in City of Lost Souls, (can I mention that CC uses City as a title for her TMI books?) Well the beginning was quite a shock, Jace goes missing and assume dead, and the search continue. Magnus and Alec seems to be a sweet couples but with a small issue, Isabelle and Simon are awkward to each otherJordan and Maia literally want to be drown in each otherLuke and Jocelyn are still planning a wedding, and Jocelyn is one netural person and an honest one at that. Clary's love life is complicated . . . The battle scenes are epic, the way CC describes the cities that Clary is in are AWE. The moments betweent the characters are to the MAX since the last book, seriously at first there wasn't enouhg romance and too much hate and now there's plenty of romance between all the main characters.