Traitor (Bridger, #2)

Traitor (Bridger, #2) - Megan Curd Ashlyn is back in this riveting sequel of the Bridger series, It turns out that you should never trust a faerie . . . while Ashlyn was training, two little changelings made it through the crack. One of them name Dalbach offers to help Ashlyn to find Aiden, Liam’s missing brother. But along the way Ashlyn discovered her father is still alive. Liam and Reese are at each other again with jealously, although Ashlyn loves Liam but Reese also loves her. An old foe Jamie is willing to help if Ashlyn helps her in returns. The story of McKenna is reveals and she not on the good side anymore, playing the love interest of Ankou. There is a traitor among the group, who is it? Both Chris and Ashlyn dad is returned but one is there for one last final goodbye. As a reader, I have never read such folklore fantasy and I love the sequel and can’t wait for the next book to come out 