Quarantine: The Loners, Book 1

Quarantine: The Loners - Lex Thomas Can you imagine entering your own high school and then is bombard when every adult start dying around you and you don't know why? Then you find out you can't leave the school (every kid worst nightmare) because of a virus that yourself carries and is LETHAL to every adult. Now you're waiting on "Graduating" meaning a release date when you becomes virus-free. and re-entering the world.So what do you do in the meantime awaiting your graduation date? You try to avoid the groups unless you're in one, you watch out for the person that is the closest to you . . . your brother. A war starts between the Varsity and the Rebels, when David Thorpe is saved from certain death by the leader of the Varsity Sam Howard. Now these two have history together, they were once friends, teammates but everything changes when David lost his mother and separated from the social life AND when David realizes that his own girlfriend was cheating on him and a huge outburst fight between David and Sam before the quarantine happen at the high school.Will Thorpe is David's little brother and is a loner, keeps to himself kind of guy. Now Will and David are struggling to survive just as well other teenagers but you have a greater chance of survival if you are in a group and is labeled. Will does his own thing until he save his brother from being nearly killed and also help save a girl named Lucy from certain traumatic. Now Will had always has eyes on Lucy but never did anything to talk to her until she has eyes for David and now he has conflicted feeling and anger.There is a fight for survival, a fight among the Varsity and the Rebels . . . there is going to be War, not over resources but over hierarchy status.My Thoughts:From the beginning it sounded good and different but to me it was very slow-pace and perhaps another re-read is needed for this book to get a better understanding of this terrify disaster for these teens. School is rough especially when you're a loner and aren't friends with the right people and right group that will give you benefits. David has a lot riding on him to lead this group of followers against the Varsity but does he have the heart for it?I like Will very much and feel sad that he is always in his brother's shadow and it worst when a girl he likes doesn't see him. I could see him as a better leader rather than anybody because he doesn't take no for an answer and he doesn't go down without a fight.But Lucy is also conflicted, she has mixed feeling for both of the Thorpe boys and she couldn't be more graceful for them for taking her in to their hiding place and shelter.