False Memory

False Memory - Dan Krokos What happens when you don't remember except for your name and where you are? Miranda North try to convince herself that it was all a dream, its not real until one person named Peter says that he can help. Soon Miranda demand answers and knew Peter could provide with those answers, but if she can't trust anyone how can she trust Peter? Miranda now understands everything; someone had mess with her memory shots and without the right amount, her memories can be lost forever. Until she experiences ghost memories. Soon Miranda and Peter are on the search for their other teammates Noah and Olive. But then they learn that there are others like them hunting them down, their primary goal is to take them straight to their boss and perhaps extracts the memories Peter, Noah, Olive and Miranda has obtained. Will Miranda understand what she and her friend’s purposes are and why there’s more to be revealed?I give this five cat's tails up, the action was filled packed and I love the gun stance between the team but also when Miranda has mix confusions about her memories. Stop at my blog SassyCat's Books Review, where I did a double review for Dan Krokos's False Memory Trilogy.