Wolfsbane (Nightshade Series #2)

Wolfsbane - Andrea Cremer Man! Calla went through HELL for this!Calla's world is now upside down! Shay is learning more about who he is and why he is an asset to setting a new life for all things. Calla is worried about her pack as well Ren's but with everything, who can she trust except Shay? Later Calla's brother suffers a worst fate than death . . . and she learns that Emile (Ren's father and Bane alpha) has kill one of her members.Calla is nearly killed the first time she return to Vail then when she return again to save her pack, Ren is there but he is struggling with his own demons and Calls know the truth about his mother that was killed when he was an infant. But Emile once again step in and thing goes from bad to worst. The thrilling of this 2nd book of Nightshade is amazing! Calla's heart still lingers for both Shay and Ren but in the end she'll have to choose if she want to survive the War. Andrea Cremer