Steel Lily: 1 (The Periodic Series)

Steel Lily - Megan Curd ReviewAvery Pike, a young teen with no future until a random visitor said that there is more out there and the potential she has being an Elite. She can turn water into steam but the dome she lives in thrives on Steam to do the everyday basis except for whenever Avery uses her ability things goes awry Avery's world are filled with domes due to the increase of radiations and carbon dioxide levels that occurs when World War III happen. Should Avery stay in her own dome or go to where her visitor had said there is much more beyond the dome she lives in. Will Avery's choice be more than she bargain for? I give this book five cat's Tails Up, Megan delivers a new dystopia taken place in the midwest that is close to home. Our world changed when World War III started. Find out more what I had to say about Steel Lily on my blog: