Pushing the Limits

Pushing the Limits - Debut Author Katie McGarry, wrote a gritty and thrilling story about a girl who life was changed because of one night . . . that she doesn’t remember. She also wrote about a boy who has a track record with foster parents but she masked him as a misjudged boy who fallen for the girl that smelt like cinnamon. Echo (strange name for a girl) she was known as a popular girl and dated one of the popular jocks. But because of one night, her life turns upside down. Already suffering the loss of her brother, she couldn’t stand being in the family she was in now. Her dad remarried and the once babysitter now stepmom were expecting a child of their own. Echo attended meetings with a counselor, eager to peek into her own file to find the truth of what happen the night that left her scarred and mind-closed. Then inexpertly a small snarky conversation with the bad boy, high-strung Noah turns into a tug of war . . . all starting with a coat. Oh! Did I mention Tutoring? Noah doesn’t care much expect for his younger brothers who are living with foster parents that he didn’t trust. But can you blame him, after his experiences with fosters parents? The same counselor that Echo sees Noah sees but he could care less about Echo but then why couldn’t he get his mind off of her? With visitations of his brothers, Noah feels that the only person that can take care of them is himself but unless he changes the path he is going on no one will take him serious. Together Echo and Noah create this chemistry that even those two can’t stay away from each other.Echo thought she could handle being back in the social group but turns out not everyone can bare to look at her because of what she hides. Nothing is secretive of Noah (not the one night stands he has or how high he gets) but no one’s know the truth of why he been in foster homes. Why a lot of them were bad.Praise Katie, I couldn't put this book down! I would recommend this book to anyone just because it was so freaking-amazing!